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I experimented with LSD during the late 70’s and mid 80’s.

Always alone, I’d drop before going to school (Waianae high) I despised school. Couldn’t wait to get out. A small cliquish crowd. I was a band geek, but the only girl who surfed at the time.

Your writing brought back memories that I had forgotten, an escape for me.

Music and books my only comfort until I could get out.

Never could share the expansion that LSD gave me (My friends never knew I was flying)

So reading your story brought home a lot of things.

Thanks for the openness. I could relate

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Apr 20, 2022Liked by Andy St. Onge

Thank you. I remember, remember this

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From a reader in Hawaii (old school Hawaiian surfer): “Cool story I was very heavy into LSD throughout Middle , High School I figured out why it was called high School real fast we’d pop snoopy tabs or orange sunshine and purple micro dots and go speed skating at the local rink then we would go four wheeling on full moon nights out above Mililani and Wahiawa and get chased by the MP’s up behind East range and Wahiawa Heights all the way down to the North shore all high laughing so hard our cheeks would sore for a couple hours I remembered looking at all my friends who weren’t high and automatically thought they knew we were frying good times to say the least mushrooms was ok but we could never get the portions right it was either we didn’t take enough or we took too much and had bad experiences not like if you took a pill or eye drops from liquid LSD that was the best . . . “ FP

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Hi Andy-

Again you share a story familiar to my own. My first dive into the sea of otherworldliness was 1981 as I was attending Choate Roaemary Hall. The Grateful Dead Movie played later in the auditorium after 30 or so of us huddled together in a mass, elongated hug for hours out in a field among woods, accentuated with both mushies and "purple pyramids". I'll never forget hanging out of my dorm window, Hendrix playing loudly (but not too loudly) . . . elated beyond words, . . . "Waterfall, nothing can harm me at all . . . "

I have written you an email or two but I cannot tell if you saw them(?). Are you not into correspondence? We have so much in common it is striking to me. Surfing, the Dead, New England (born in Mass,.live in Maine) , Hawaii (I lived on Maui from 1883-1992, living in a cave at Honolua for 2 winters with a 7' Brewer single fin haha!), friends/ acquaintances (Daf williams and the Tanner brothers), having both parents pass not so long ago . . . and more. I hope we can connect somewhat.

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