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Rell had corralled a group of us to go to The Fog Cutter restaurant to watch the sunset and have their famous banana split ice cream sundaes.

The Fog Cutter use to be across the street from Mauna Lahilahi, known for live local music, great sundaes and the occasional fight in the parking lot.

High stools and a counter facing the ocean. Bird Mahelona holding court and Dane.

Banter and laughter, such a simple pleasure after a blazing day at Makaha, the sound of spoons scraping for that last taste, happy sighs.

Always polite in our community Dane made so many of us proud to be Hawaiian.

Aloha ‘Oe Dane

Thank you Anthony for a lovely remembrance and tribute.

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Bird Mahelona is a name I have not heard in many years. He was another great Hawaiian surfer.

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Very sweet (literally). Mahalo

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What a brilliant tribute. Thank you.

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Another beautiful tribute Andy, as only you can do with your first hand accounts of all these icons we have lost recently. From Derek Ho to Peter Cole to Dick Brewer to Peter Twombly to Larry Haynes…they all carried Aloha in their souls and exemplified what it meant to be Hawaiian. They were more than surfers and artists, they were pillars of their respective communities. Death is but a transition to the next realm, and they are now free of their human suits. Rest in Peace to all 🌺🌺🌺

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Beautiful tribute

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