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Thank you for paying tribute to this 'King' and for introducing us to the many, rich layers of his extroidinary life. Your writing is imbued with grit and eloquently carved in building tempo. The concise reporting style is directly delivered from a clear, well-seasoned hand. A natural storyteller. The tale carries the reader forward in measured and unknown / known waves of tongue and flesh. In simple, concise language and with abundant detail, the reader finds herself sliding her body across the curve and into the rip. With shaped landscapes and found adventures, I take delight in the hunt and with running, textured departures (and return). Equally in moments of shared abandon and with eccentric characters, I meet my own lost moments (maybe never to be found) and in seeking undiscovered shores. With respect for Curran’s wit, quiet nature, and independent inner spirit, I took delight in the rebellious circle of his free-spirited comrades - somewhere beyond the boat's edge. You are lucky to have rode and conversed adjacent to him and to have been graced with his crafted talent. Now, after reading this evocative essay, I toss the beer can over my shoulder and in deeper contemplation of devotion. With roaming fish and fowl, we (readers) catch the wildness of our own eccentricities and taste your own. A timeless, epic ride.

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A good read truly transports you to a different time and place. So it was with this post. The cycle of life is wonderful and tragic with so many chapters stretching ahead with uncertain endings. Well done, Andy, thank you!

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